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Miss Mehta, FRCS - Trustee

Born in India, Miss Mehta attended medical college there and later obtained her FRCS in Edinburgh and England.

She was later awarded the Robert Jones Prize and Gold Medal by the British Orthopaedic Association for her medical paper "Growth as a corrective force in the early treatment of progressive Infantile Scoliosis".

Miss Mehta became a Honorary Consultant Surgeon in Spinal Deformities and Honorary Senior Lecturer. She has now retired. Miss Mehta has been a Trustee of ARISE from the onset and works tirelessly for the trust.

Miss Mehta's research concerning the prevention of severe deformity and wherever possible, reversal of the deformity, by early non-evasive treatments of infantile and adolescent Scoliosis, has led to the publication of her medical paper "Growth as a corrective force in the early treatment of progressive infantile Scoliosis" in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

This Prospective study of 136 Children with progressive Infantile Scoliosis (who were treated under the age of 4 years old and followed up for 9 years, shows that Scoliosis can be reversed. It promotes most interesting reading.

If you would like a copy of the paper, please contact the office, we will be happy to send a copy to you.

Jeffrey Nedas - Chairman of ARISE

Jeffrey is a practising Chartered Accountant and was a Founder Trustee before becoming Chairman. Jeffrey's responsibilities include contributing to and co-ordinating ideas and strategies for taking ARISE forward and ensuring that it complies with its statutory and regulatory obligations.

Andrew Ransford, FRCS - Trustee

Andrew Ransford was a scoliosis surgeon at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital from 1980 until he retired in 1996. During this time he also developed Neck surgery at Stanmore.

Andrew has been a Trustee of ARISE since the charity was founded in 1986.

Jenny Frank - Trustee

Jenny Frank has been a trustee since the Charity's inception in 1986.

The impetus for setting up ARISE was led by the successful treatment of Jenny's disabled baby daughter's scoliosis by Miss Mehta at RNOH Stanmore.

A series of corrective plaster jackets were applied over 15 months and her daughter's back has remained straight. Not having to live with scoliosis has greatly enhanced her quality of life.

Jenny has remained committed to the aims of ARISE, to fund and publish research into the causes and treatment of scoliosis, so that other children can benefit as much as her own daughter did.

Jan Lehovsky, FRCS - Trustee

Mr Lehovsky joined ARISE in April 2007. He has many years experience treating scoliosis and his experience will be invaluable to ARISE.

Hilali Nordeen, FRCS - Trustee

Mr Nordeen qualified at the University of Oxford in 1985 and was appointed as Senior Lecturer here at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in 1994 having being on the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital/The Middlesex Hospital Training programme.

In 1995 He was appointed as Consultant Orhtopaedic and Spinal Surgeon both at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and here at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, where he has remained ever since.

His interest is in spinal deformity, spinal tumours, back pain, disorders of the cervical spine and spinal trauma.

Mr Nordeen joined ARISE in April 2007.

David Harrison, FRCS - Trustee

David Harrison has been a consultant surgeon since 1990. In 1987-88 he was the Zimmer Fellow in Spinal Deformity at RNOH working with Min Mehta on spinal shape problems and developed his surgical interests in neurological spinal disability at that time.

In addition to being a full-time NHS scoliosis surgeon at Stanmore, he is honorary consultant to The Children's Trust, The Chailey Heritage and The Treloar's Trust. He is a specialist advisor the The Child Growth Foundation and The UK Rett Syndrome Association. David is also a Trustee of the Scoliosis Association UK. David joined ARISE as Trustee in 2007.

Heather Northend - Trust Administrator/Research Assistant

Since November 2006, Heather had been running the day to day administration of the ARISE office in Stanmore and assisting to write up research, until October 2007 when Heather left ARISE full time and only returns for a few evenings a week to complete any administrative work for the Charity and assist Miss Mehta with her research work.

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