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What we do

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ARISE - The Scoliosis Research Trust researches into the prevention of Scoliosis and new treatment techniques for Scoliosis sufferers.

The Aims of ARISE are as follows:

* To provide and promote, by all available means, the research and study of the cause and treatment of Scoliosis and endow research fellowships in the study of this disorder.

* To improve the standard of knowledge of the means of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these disorders.

* To promote the publication, production and distribution of books, pamphlets, periodicals and video's/dvd's on spinal deformities.

Recent Achievements of the Scoliosis Unit at the RNOH

* The Scoliosis Unit at the RNOH is the largest in the UK.

* Have implemented Bone Graft Substitute Trials with a view to replacing some current surgery treatments for Scoliosis.

* Practice Early Treatment of Infantile Idiopathic Scoliosis using Plaster Jackets.

* Compiled research showing that Halo Pelvic & Cotrel Traction were of limited benefit leading to changes in the way Scoliosis is treated.

* Research into Nursing and Orthotics is currently ongoing.

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